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Kushe, International Life-Style Magazine, Launched in the US

8 May 2013 at 17:10 | 937 views

As the first international Sierra Leone magazine established in the US, Kushe’ Magazine is the premiere
lifestyle magazine for the young, diverse, and up and coming Sierra Leonean professional.

Kushe’ was
created to celebrate the creative and innovative lifestyle of African professionals around the world,
cultivate communication, and inspire action and achievement from our African sisters and brothers.
Kushe’ Magazine launched its first edition at the mark of Sierra Leone’s 52
Independence Anniversary

2013 has been an impactful year for Sierra Leone. President Ernest Bhai Koroma renewed
his second term as President of Sierra Leone. He was selected by President Barak Obama to visit the
White House, along with four other presidents, to partner with the U.S. in support of efforts to
strengthen democratic institutions and to promote economic opportunity both in their countries and
across sub-Sahara Africa.

Through Kushe’ readers are exposed to some of the most fascinating people connected to Sierra Leone.
In the inaugural issue Kushe’ recognized trailblazers such as Faith Okrafo-Smart, founder of the Melqosh
Mission. In her inspirational story, Faith rekindles the lives of war afflicted amputees who are remnants
of the 10-year war in Sierra Leone. Kushe’ highlighted the topic of disability and mental health in Africa
and shared what African’s think about President Barak Obama. The artwork of award winning artist

Richard Garrick is showcased as Kushe’ shares his story of aggression through his paintings. Interviews
with the hottest artists, articles on sports and culture are all part of Kushe’s vision to bring voices to life.
Whether business, politics or lifestyle Kushe’ has something for everyone to enjoy. You can also
promote your business or special event.

Kushe’ empowers voices to share stories that support African communities, and more importantly,
stories that will reach and empower African professionals around the world.

The Magazine has been
nominated for the UK’s Para-Excellence Award in the Media Partner of the Year Category.

Founding member Fatmata Koroma partnered with Editor-in-Chief Sheri Sesay-Tuffour, along with
Media Manager Hassan Hafiz Kanu, and Promotions Manager Edward Kargbo in developing an
influential, upbeat magazine that addresses issues, personalities and interests of the people of Sierra
Leone. Advertising opportunities are available!